Special Services

Special Services

We rescue people

Photograph of car accidentIf a person becomes trapped, for example in a road traffic accident or in a lift DIAL 999 and ask for FIRE. Our skilled firefighters, using the latest equipment, will be sent to help you.

If someone becomes trapped, such as in a car accident or stuck in a lift, it is important to DIAL 999 and ask for the FIRE department. Our skilled firefighters, equipped with the latest equipment, will be sent to the scene to rescue the individual. In addition to rescue efforts, our firefighters are also trained in first aid and work closely with other services to minimize any additional distress for the trapped individual.

We rescue animals

Cow being lifted by harnessIf someone believes an animal is trapped, they should DIAL 999 and ask for the FIRE department. Our team will consult with the RSPCA and, if the animal is in distress, will dispatch our animal rescue unit to assist. Our specialist-trained personnel will handle the rescue with compassion and care.

We deal with other emergencies

Photograph of fire service dealing with chemical spilageWe are fully trained and equipped to assist with a range of emergencies. Some examples are: –

  • Spillages of dangerous chemicals that pose a threat to life or the environment
  • Aircraft emergencies
  • Flooding
  • Train Incidents