Strategies and Plans

Strategy and Plans

A 12-week consultation period was conducted in November, December, and January to gather feedback on the progress of our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) and its future direction. We did not receive any negative feedback and, in fact, those who responded were extremely satisfied with our operations.

This year, we are building on the success of our “working with others” efforts to reduce risks on the island, including a more focused drive to conduct Home Fire Safety Checks in homes that are at the highest risk of fire or inability to adequately respond to a fire.

Our work with young people is gaining momentum, particularly through our association with the Youth Inclusion Forum. This should have a positive impact on the number of malicious calls received by our Control Center and a reduction in anti-social activities such as rubbish and car fires, as well as contributing to the wider community by helping young people understand the benefits of teamwork, mutual support, and increasing their self-esteem through participation in initially perceived impossible activities.

We are also collaborating with other parts of the Council to better understand where the greatest risks on the island are, so that we can direct our resources to provide the best possible service within current budgets.

Whilst the mandatory consultation period is over we are always pleased to receive comments and observations from members of the public. Indeed, in our endeavour to continuously provide an improved service we welcome your suggestions.

While the mandatory consultation period has ended, we welcome comments and observations from members of the public at any time. We are always striving to improve our services, and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.