Special Services

We rescue people

Photograph of car accident

If someone finds themselves trapped, such as in a car accident or a lift, it is essential to DIAL 999 and request the FIRE department. Our experienced firefighters, armed with the most advanced tools, will be dispatched to the incident to assist in the rescue. In addition to their rescue efforts, our firefighters are trained in first aid and collaborate with other emergency services to reduce further distress for the trapped person.

We rescue animals

Cow being lifted by harnessIf somebody finds an animal trapped, dial 999 and contact the FIRE department. Our team will check with the RSPCA, and if the animal is in distress, our animal rescue unit will be dispatched to provide assistance. Our staff, who are specially trained, will perform the rescue with compassion and care

We deal with other emergencies

Photograph of fire service dealing with chemical spilageWe are fully trained and equipped to respond to a variety of emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, vehicular accidents, power outages, floods, spillages of dangerous chemicals that pose a threat to life or the environment, Aircraft emergencies, train incidents.