Compliance Check List

Self Assessment On-line Compliance Check

If you are the person responsible for fire safety in your premises, this simple and effective toolkit will help you to check on how well you are doing with complying with current fire regulations.

A report can automatically be sent to Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service for review and action, where appropriate. One of five risk levels will be calculated for your premises.

How will we use the information?

Using the information you provide, the toolkit will in broad terms assess the risk level of your premises measured against the national benchmark. In addition to providing you with an immediate report the information you provide will be assessed by one of our fire safety inspectors. The risk level will be used to determine the priority of a future inspection by Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service. The information will be retained and be used without prejudice to our statutory inspection and enforcement responsibilities.

Proceed with the self-assessment by following this link:

Do You Have Paying Guests?

Information on Complying with Fire Safety Law

This publication issued by the CLG, seeks to address specific difficulties that the hospitality industry, specifically B&Bs, guest houses and self catering properties, have faced in understanding the new rules. It is designed to encourage compliance, by giving the owners of these businesses practical advice on reducing fire risks in their establishments. It explains the risk assessment process, sets out sources of further advice and guidance and offer some practical information for owners on what may represent appropriate and proportionate fire safety measures in these types of premises.

To download the publication or for further advise, follow the link below

I8 November 2008