Safe Routines

Safe Routines

These routines are an integral part of the Home Fire Safety Checks and specifically relate to fire safety measures that should be taken at night. One of the most important routines is to unplug electrical equipment, empty ashtrays, and close all doors before going to bed. For more information on fire safety in the home, a leaflet is available for reference.

In the Event of a Fire

It is essential that all individuals residing or sharing a house are informed of what steps to take in the event of a fire. The primary objective is to alert everyone within the house immediately. It is recommended that everyone evacuates the house and contacts the fire service as soon as possible. The quicker we receive the call, the faster we can arrive to tackle the fire outbreak. For more information on fire safety in the home, a leaflet titled ‘Fire Safety in the Home’ is available.

Home Fire Escape Plan

Again this is covered in the Home Fire Safety Check. Everyone in the house needs to be aware of the plan that is very specific to the house. (Leaflet available ‘Plan Your Escape’)

What to do if you are Trapped

Despite having a good fire safety routine, there is still a possibility that a fire could break out, which may prevent you from escaping. However, with some pre-planning, you can increase your chances of surviving a fire by taking a few simple steps. It is advisable to select a suitable room where you can gather with others. The chosen room should have an alternative escape route and, ideally, a window through which you can escape if necessary. For more information on planning your escape during a fire, please refer to our leaflet titled ‘Plan Your Escape.’

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