Safe Routines

Safe Routines

These relate to fire safety routines and form part of the Home Fire Safety Checks, most importantly is the night time fire safety routine. This includes unplugging electrical equipment, emptying ashtrays and closing doors before you go to bed. (Leaflet available ‘Fire Safety in the Home’)

In the Event of a Fire

All people living in or sharing the house should be aware of what to do in the event of a fire occurring. The most important thing being to warn all others within the house. We then recommend for everyone to get out of the house and call the fire service, the sooner we get the call the quicker we will arrive to deal with the outbreak. (Leaflet available ‘Fire Safety in the Home’)

Home Fire Escape Plan

Again this is covered in the Home Fire Safety Check. Everyone in the house needs to be aware of the plan that is very specific to the house. (Leaflet available ‘Plan Your Escape’)

What to do if you are Trapped

It is possible that even if you have in place a good fire safety routine that a fire could occur that prevents your escape. With some planning in advance you can survive a fire by having in place some simple steps. This would include selecting an appropriate room in which you can all meet. This room should provide you with an alternative escape route and possibly a window from which you could make your escape. (Leaflet available ‘Plan Your Escape’)

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