Testing your smoke alarm

Testing Your Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector testing image, for textual instructions please read belowThe single most important contribution to saving life in a domestic fire is well positioned ‘working’ smoke alarms. The type and number of alarms is determined by the house design and internal layout. Guidance can be obtained about the type of alarm and positioning from the alarm packaging. A leaflet is available from the fire service ‘Smoke Alarms for the home’ or this can be downloaded from the Leaflets link at the bottom of this page.

In 2002, Firefighters in England and Wales attended over 5,000 accidental house fires where smoke detectors were fitted, but failed to work. Taking simple steps can save lives:

  • Test the battery every week
  • Replace the battery every year
  • Clean with a vacuum every six months
  • Replace the smoke detector every ten years