Testing your smoke alarm

Testing Your Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector testing image, for textual instructions please read below

The placement of “working” smoke alarms is the most crucial factor in saving lives during a house fire. The appropriate type and quantity of alarms depend on the structure and interior layout of the house. Information on the recommended type of alarm and positioning can be found on the alarm packaging. The fire service offers a leaflet on “Smoke Alarms for the Home,” which can be obtained at the bottom of this page or downloaded from the Leaflets link.


In 2002, firefighters in England and Wales responded to more than 5,000 accidental house fires in which smoke detectors were installed but did not function. Implementing straightforward measures can make a significant difference in saving lives:

  • Test the battery every week
  • Replace the battery every year
  • Clean with a vacuum every six months
  • Replace the smoke detector every ten years