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Chief Fire Officer

Strategic responsibility to lead and manage the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service’s human resources and operational requirements under the “Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004″. Also to work towards the Isle of Wight Council’s aspirations and objectives for the modernising and efficient operation of the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service within the Isle of Wight Council.


Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Deputises for the Chief Fire Officer, being directly responsible for undertaking the core functions of Fire and Rescue Authorities as laid down in Part 2 of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. Having responsibility for leading and resolving critical incidents and to give such advice, which would reduce the Authority’s liability under legislation, in the event of a critical incident, or disaster event


Head of Operations and Fire Resilience

Ensures that the Service discharges its diverse operational commitments to the highest standards, along with contributing both locally, regionally and nationally to the Fire and Rescue Service Mutual Aid Protocol.


Governance and Improvement Manager

Ensures that all our plans (actions) drive our statutory responsibilities set out in the Fire and Rescue Service’s Act 2004, the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and any other legislation that needs to be followed and that they all show the Fire and Rescue Service’s contribution to achieving the corporate (Council) objectives. This means that resources have to be allocated where appropriate and that all financial procedures follow the rules so we can show we are providing value for money to the people of the Isle of Wight.


Group Manager, Prevention, Protection and Response

Deals with Operational issues, community safety initiatives and the Technical Fire Safety department. The job entails coordinating the flow of risk information across the three areas inline with the Integrated Risk Management Plan. Also responsible for 5 of the 10 stations on the Island.


Group Manager, Diversity and Workforce

Strategic responsibility for the ‘behind the scenes’ issues that enable our firefighters to perform their roles safely.  This includes training & development, health & safety, performance & risk management, human resources including equality & diversity and change management projects.  Also responsible for 5 of our fire stations.


Group Manager Mobilising & Communications

Member of Strategic Management Team with responsibility for the management of the Fire Control Centre and all associated technical aspects of mobilising and communications equipment, systems and infrastructure.  Lead Officer for the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service’s integration of the FiReControl and Firelink projects which will provide Regional Fire Control Centres across England and a new national digital radio scheme for Fire and Rescue Services in England, Wales and Scotland.


Operational Planning Manager

Lead manager within the Technical Support and Operational Planning Team and my specific role as Operational Planning Manager deals with the risk information process to all personnel across the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS). As a category 1 responder all FRS’s have a duty placed upon them to work in a multi agency environment to deal with operational preparedness issues through the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and I perform that role for the Service.

Also a Station Manager at Ryde fire station which has an establishment of approximately 20 personnel and am a Senior Duty Officer , responding across the community to operational incidents.


Community Risk Reduction Manager

Leads on the management of our Integrated Risk Management Plan ( IRMP ) and have responsibility to ensure that it reflects local need and sets out plans to tackle effectively both existing and potential risks to communities. I also have responsibility for ensuring that the fire and rescue service is available to offer advice when parish plans are being formulated which gives us a clearer picture of the risks that are contained within our communities. I also manage our two fire stations in the West Wight – Freshwater and Yarmouth.


Station Manager Performance and Risk

Primary role is facilitating performance management throughout the service linking into corporate systems. Secondary responsibilities in Health and Safety and Risk Management deputising for the Safety Performance and Risk Manager were appropriate. Station Manager for Cowes Fire station and a Senior Duty Officer.


Technical Support Manager

Responsible for ensuring fleet maintenance programme and liaison with County Transport. Procurement of operational equipment and Service vehicles, in line with the vehicle replacement scheme. Line management responsibilities to personnel within Technical Support Department, Service stores and Hydrant Technician.


Community Risk Planning Manager

Role is to assess and plan the “Risk” in the community, which relates to the Fire & Rescue Service. This includes known risks such as Farms, Houses, Factories Harbours and Airports, as well as 1 off risks, such as Music festivals and Cowes week..


Community Safety Manager.

Leads a team who provide co-ordination, support and advocacy to a range of Community Safety activities on the Isle of Wight. Our primary role is with Fire Education, delivered to schools, domestic premises and community groups. We also work in partnership with other agencies to provide other aspects such as Road Safety Education and general support for young people within the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ community.


Technical Fire Safety and Enforcement Officer

Leads a team of specialist fire safety inspectors who advice on and enforce fire safety legislation in all premises except single private dwellings on the Isle of Wight.


Station Manager, Newport Fire Station

Responsible for the efficient running of a station which is crewed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The crews consist of full time and part time firefighters that respond to incidents not only in the Newport area but island wide

Although their work involves responding to a wide range of incidents, they also carry out a great deal of work in preventing fires in the home and businesses, as well as working alongside partners in reducing deaths and injuries on Island roads. Also deals with local, regional and national incidents involving widespread flooding or incidents that require the decontamination of large numbers of the public. Newport crews recently attended widespread floods in Yorkshire and Gloucester as part of a national response


Learning and Development Manager

Responsible for the running of the Learning and Development Centre which is the main establishment for in house training of all members of the IWFRS.

Collects and then considers the training needs of each member of the Service and either provide that training in house or source it from other providers. Also assists on some training courses mainly by assessing and quality controlling. Responsible for recruiting new firefighters and represents the Service regionally and nationally on recruitment and promotion in line with national guidance. Manages Bembridge Fire station


Safety Performance and Risk Manager

Responsible for ensuring that the Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service have Policies and Procedure in place to ensure that the sometimes hazardous operations of the Fire Service are carried out in a safe manner, complying with Health and Safety legislative requirements, minimising danger to fire-fighters and members of the public. Also to manage the Strategic Risk Register identifying risks which may affect our ability to effectively provide our emergency service. To ensure the effective production and implementation of service planning requirements and that Performance reports and statistical information is provided to corporate and national bodies as required.


Resilience Manager

Resilience is all about planning for the future, and overcoming potential challenges.  We look at solutions to problems that could stop us providing our services to the public.   The Resilience Team carry out risk assessments, attend planning groups on everything from festivals to flooding, hold training and exercises, and consult with our partner agencies such as the Police, Primary Care Trust and voluntary agencies. Being prepared to manage an incident and any necessary community recovery, whilst continuing to provide essential services, takes a great deal of background planning.


Station Manager Fire Control

Deputises for the Group Manager, Mobilising and Communications and responsible for the day to day running of Fire Control, including staff training. Ensures the availability of radios, batteries and alerters for appliances and Firefighters and order and maintain Fire Control associated equipment. 


Finance Officer

Provision of financial information to budget holders and senior management team, through monitoring, forecasting, reporting, and regular meetings. Close working with the Council’s financial Services department on providing sound financial management and budgetary controls within the Fire & Rescue Service. Taking responsibility for all processes at a budgetary level, including timely payments to creditors and income generation.  Also responsible for the payment of all payroll related claims for whole time, retained duty system, and support staff.