Strategies and Plans

Strategy and Plans

From November to January, we conducted a 12-week consultation period during which we received a high level of satisfaction with our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP). As a result, we did not receive any negative feedback, which further confirms the success of our operations.

We are building on the success of our “working with others” efforts in order to reduce risks on the island in the upcoming year, including a more focused effort to conduct Home Fire Safety Checks in homes that are at the highest risk of fire or are not able to adequately react to a fire when it does occur.

Through our association with the Youth Inclusion Forum, we have been able to gain momentum in our work with young people. Consequently, we will be able to reduce the number of malicious calls received by our Control Center, as well as anti-social activities like garbage and car fires, and contribute to the wider community by educating young people on the benefits of teamwork, mutual support, and self-esteem through participation in activities that are initially considered impossible.

As part of our efforts, we are also collaborating with other parts of Council in order to determine where the greatest risks on the island lie. This will allow us to direct our resources in order to provide the most efficient service possible within the current budget.

Even though the mandatory consultation period has ended, we are always happy to receive comments and observations from the public. Furthermore, we welcome your suggestions in order to improve our service on a continuous basis.

Despite the end of the mandatory consultation period, we would be delighted to receive comments and observations from members of the public at any time. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated as we strive to improve our services.