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Fire Service Emergency Cover (FSEC)

One of the tools that is used to assist the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service in the preparation of the IRMP (Island Safety Plan) is the Fire Service Emergency Cover (FSEC) Toolkit. It is used to help with the allocation of RESPONSE resources and the targeting of PREVENTION activities such as Home Fire Safety Checks.

What is FSEC?  

Fire Service Emergency Cover (FSEC) Toolkit is a computer system that helps the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service:

  • to assess the Island’s risks from fire and other incidents
  • to allocate responses appropriate to those risks
  • to predict the effectiveness of any activities that could reduce these risks
How does it work?  

Using information from various sources, FSEC can be used to estimate the risk of injury or death, and the extent of damage to property from fire and other incidents.

FSEC uses a Geographical Information System (GIS), which is based on Ordinance Survey maps to show areas with different levels of risk.

Sources of Information  
  • Location of Fire Stations, fire engines and other Fire Service vehicles
  • Location and type past incidents
  • Census and Valuation Office information
  • Fire behaviour and fire damage calculations
  • Fire Safety information on Business premises, hospitals and public building


Department for Communities and Local Government http://www.communities.gov.uk